Everyone want to grow big but at what cost? The money you earn is your blood money. Without planning and investing in a good software consultant you will waste them all.

There are a countless number of IT startups come every year in market and 70% of them flush out of market because of bad management, Not having technical background or don’t know the correct path to produce business out of their product.

As a lead business analyst I handle 100’s of enquiries every month. 80% of those enquiries are of Mobile Application Start-ups and 20% are of SAAS. But most of the time I experience zero to very less technical knowledge to the customers which makes their product vulnerable to be turned into a lost startup. Yes you read that correct, If you do not have technical knowledge you will trust wrong people with poor IT experience and they ultimately make your product useless.

I enlisted few challenges which every customer should solve before investing into the IT startup to be able to establish successful IT startup business it may be mobile application or SAAS product.

  1. Choosing Correct Technology.
  2. Choosing Correct Server Environment Cloud or Bare Metal 
  3. Choosing Correct Development Team. 
  4. Investing Wisely.
  5. Having Strong Business Plan.
  6. Coordination of Business Analysts with Developers.

To bring all those 5 on the same page there is a need of software consultant. Now who is a software consultant.
Software consultant is a person who

  1. Analyze and understand detailed business requirements.
  2. Provide mapping requirements and software solutions.
  3. Provide recommendations for software developments and implementations.
  4. Document business requirements, gatherings and issues and updated business process flows.
  5. Document results of software research tools and applications.
  6. Execute program modifications and changes.
  7. Interface with clients, software professionals and consultants to develop solutions applications.
  8. Review and evaluate technical design and technical quality issues and processes.
  9. Coordinate and collaborate workflow processes and issues in designing, programming and testing.
  10. Develop highly functional qualitative modifications and system changes.
  1. Analyze and understand detailed business requirements.

   Suppose you are a civil engineer and you want to build a home. What first thing will pop up in your mind.?
Of Course as a client you will see how much money you have in your pocket before thinking to build home, but as an engineer you will have depth analysis on total budget, the type and quality of land, approximate requirement of building material and manpower,  Fitters, Plumbers and 100’s of many related things.

But In addition to that you will map in your mind the structure of building and later you will build detailed plan, The quality of steel and type of trusses required to carry out load bearing capabilities and other technical details required to build the building on desired plan.

Then finally you put together all those things and give approximate budget to customer. 

This is what exactly software consultant do but they do with software resources. Here they listen to you carefully and understand what type of business you want to do. What type of technologies are needed to build your product. What will be the expected traffic, What will be the Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) to handle such traffic, How effectively you can scale in future and blah blah.

  1. Provide mapping requirements and software solutions.

Once the initial analysis is done now they focus on functional requirements of the software product which include the choice of design interface or user interface is required. What is the data requirements (database models) and how the data flow can be handled effectively. By using which database or programming language the goals can be achieved. What should be the development approach and which versions of different scripting languages should be used. 

  1. Provide recommendations for software developments and implementations.

Imagine how every-time you go to the shopping mall and choose the correct product for your daily needs ? Simple way I follow is I do recall which advertisements I watched on TV and reviews of my favourite celebrities which they give in advertisements and I pick up the same product from rack.  You may have lost few extra bucks by failing to choose low cost and good quality alternatives for the same product. But you apparently do not want to invest your time/money/efforts to try all products and choose the correct product for your personal needs.

Similarly, Have someone advertised you to use specific technology or database type for application prior to meet a software consultant. I am pretty sure yes.

John (My Customer) told be before starting work on his first project with me that his best friend is working with big IT company and he wants me to use .NET for my product. Don’t you smell it like an advertisement? Yes I do.
I am not saying .NET is a bad technology but as a software consultant my duty and responsibility is to choose correct backend scripting language and recommend it to development team and customers to achieve great ideal behaviour for my software which suits my needs.

In initial stages we found why software consultant is important and why planning software and software technologies is very much important before starting actual development of your software product. In an upcoming article In new article “Hiring Software Consultant To Shape Your Product” I will put focus on remaining points which will make you more and more friendly towards software consultants.

We at InverseSoft before starting actual development do detailed software requirement analysis and brainstorm and tweak our development agenda to choose good and scalable development environment. Also with the use of modern testing techniques like unit testing and end to end testing our software consultant makes sure code built is of high quality and highly scalable post development. To learn more Contact Us or Click to Chat with our expert.