Startups are going smarter day by day and they are now using new methods to save data transfer cost and improve user experience. The saving of data cost help startups to take more smart decisions while improving user experience (UX) gives additional power to SAAS/PAAS companies to grow.

How Data Transfer Cost can be saved in SAAS/PASS Deployments.

On the cloud architecture, data transfer cost varies from region to region. Also heavily depends upon the services we use for our product, The result is that there is uncertainty with the data transfer cost and because of the SAAS business owners or StartUps are always worried about it and it takes their lot of time and investment of money in production to fulfil server needs.(You can read detailed cloud data transfer pricing here).
No worries, there are certain ways by implementing them we can reduce the data transfer cost and optimise the performance of your product.

Deploying Correct Code Caching Mechanism

If you read AWS Performance Guide carefully, it is clearly mentioned that you should use opcache (or any other code caching mechanism) to improve performance of server. 

I will not go into the technical details about how opcache improves performance there are many case studies on the internet where by studying those case studies you can say  “there is upto 14% reduction in response time for the applications”. Wow! It’s awesome, so finally we can improve the performance of our server.

Using Framework Based Caching Mechanism

By Using Combination of  Memcached, Redis, Database, File, Array etc you can have an additional layer of cache system on the servers and it helps you to optimise and improve the usability of the product. This ultimately reduces the Data Transfer Cost and we can again save some bucks from our deployment budget.

Using CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

To minimize the distance between the visitors and your website’s server, a CDN stores a cached version of its content in multiple geographical locations which copies the content on cache levels and shows it to your visitors. So suppose physically even if your server goes down, visitors can still see and use some part of your product. Isn’t it amazing? 

Absolutely, There are many FREE CDN services like Amazon Cloudfront or Google Content Caching which will further reduce your cost of premium CDN services and Data Transfer Cost of your deployment too.

 While development of the SAAS/PAAS/e-Commerce products  InverseSoft Makes sure that in production (launched state) your deployment on cloud should perform great. Which enables you to save the cost by reducing your server bills and helping your customers to have a pleasant experience using your product. 


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