Hello Everybody, In previous article “Hiring Software Consultant Extra Expense Or Advantage ?” I focused on why software consultant is needed to shape your business and compared it with real world examples. In this article we are going to focus on Need of Documentation, Need of software research tools or applications or collaboration tools and how we Increase our productivity with the help of such tools. 

Document business requirements, gatherings and issues and updated business process flows.

Well you now have business plan ready (i.e you have a clear picture in your mind that your end product will be like this or that) but unfortunately you are dealing with people who are mere employees of a technology company and their understanding capability on particular topic is limited. Also they work concurrently with many different projects and every project has its own application logic.

So a good documentation here will act as a bible which keeps all of your team on the same page. Whatever is mentioned in the document is very helpful for a development team in terms of process planning and to create “Execution Plans”.

Another aspect of this requirements gathering/Documentation is it makes easy to choose technologies. Your software consultant will find out what types of databases and coding techniques as well as programming languages and even server architecture is needed for this product to perform well.

The workflow model is a model which interacts in between different modules and components of the software. Consultant create multiple workflows and choose a suitable workflow model(s) for the requirements based on the documents you make.

Document results of software research tools and applications.

Wow now as a consultant I made enough planning and I have entire documentation Now I need to study my team’s productivity.

If my team is more productive they will guarantee me a high quality product and they will deliver it in stipulated time. 

So as a consultant I make sure project managers must know the productivity of their staff. 

Companies like InverseSoft use multiple software tools to track productivity. I will explain it in some other article in detail, But for now let’s consider as a consultant I am now ready with a team of highly skilled and productive people. 

And I am sure you want to invest in the teams who returns you a good quality and logical products. Now I am all set and moving ahead with actual product development.

Execute program modifications and changes.

Now as you know your product is in development phase but none of the development phase is perfectly planned, or even if it planned perfectly while in development phase you may decide or want  to use alternative approach to solve programming issues. 

If your project is not managed or organised well you may stuck into the long and non ending process of discussions and code patching, To avoid this happening software consultant always keeps constant interaction with customers or their representatives. 

If required SCR (Software Change Requests) are raised and software development process is tuned accordingly.

Interface with clients, software professionals and consultants to develop solutions applications.

Interaction with customers also helps company to reduce time and effort on useless programming practices and unwanted databases, it saves a lot of time and money, it lets customers/stakeholders to live with peace of mind in addition.

Software consultant always keeps communicating with developers, other managers and stakeholders to make sure we are on track with the use of proper technology and software requirement specifications. They build application logic in this process and makes sure software is working good with every single workflow model.

To make a product successful in the marketplace, you always need a good consultant and a good team. InverseSoft makes sure all this process is streamlined and research is done properly by a consultant which increases the success rate of your SAAS upto a point where software failure chances are almost dismissed and very very low and hence customers/stakeholders can turn their focus on potential customers and marketing of the product.